25 lb. Pail | Total Alkalinity Increaser

25 lb. Pail | Total Alkalinity Increaser

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25 lb. Pail Total Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Sodium Bicarbonate (Dry Powder) commonly known as Total Alkalinity Increaser, is used in commercial and residential swimming pools and spas to raise the Total Alkalinity level. This product is available from Leisure Pool & Spa Supply in convenient 25 lb and 50 lb. pails.

Why do you need to balance your Total Alkalinity? Acting as a pH buffer, the Total Alkalinity (TA) helps keep your pH level in its correct range with reduced swings from lows to highs. It is important to check and correct your Total Alkalinity level prior to working on your pool’s pH level. Often, correcting your TA level will correct your pH level as well. 

Instructions for use: 1.14 lb of Total Alkalinity Increaser per 10,000 Gallons will raise the TA level by 10 ppm. Desired Range is between 80-120 ppm.

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