VersaChlor Calcium Hypochlorite 1" Cubes | 37.5 lb. Pail

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VersaChlor Calcium Hypochlorite 1" Cubes | 37.5 lb. Pail

This powerful, professional-grade product is for use in VersaChlor Easy Feed Chlorinating Systems and other chemical feeders that utilize 1″ chlorinating tabs. VersaChlor cubes are certified to a high NSF 50 standard.

Featuring 68% available calcium hypochlorite in a hard-pressed 1″ cube style tablet, these Cal Hypo tabs feature a built-in scale inhibitor and are designed for uniform and consistent dissolution. Clients routinely report better performance and cleanliness as compared to other leading brands!

WARNING: Calcium Hypochlorite is an un-stabilized chlorine product that must be used in chlorine feeders designed for un-stabilized chlorine. Use of this product in any chlorine feeder that is not designed for un-stabilized chlorine could result in a chemical fire and (or) explosion potentially causing bodily injury or death. 

Single 37.5 lb. pails ship via UPS Ground (Haz-mat).. 

Information from VersaChlor:

  • Specially engineered VersaChlor™ Easy Feed chlorinators operate with VersaChlor calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) tablets to form a complete, NSF-50 certified system that controls bacteria and algae growth by delivering uniform chlorine protection. Patented tablet erosion technology from PPG controls a side stream of water from the pool, diverting it through the chlorinator and up over a sieve plate. As a result, when used according to system directions, only the bottommost VersaChlor tablets come in contact with water, leaving the layers of tablets above dry. Fresh VersaChlor tablets progress
    downward as the bottom tablets erode and the chlorinated water is diverted back into the pool.
  • The patented cube-shaped VersaChlor tablets are specially engineered and undergo a rigorous quality control process so they will not soften and clog the system. VersaChlor cubes also contain a scale inhibitor for clean chlorinator operation. They are independently tested by the labs at NSF International to work in VersaChlor Easy Feed systems in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

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