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Arch Poolife A300 Calcium Hypochlorite 3″ Tablets 

Bulk Pallet | 24 - 50 lb. Pails

Poolife A300 Tablets are a commercial-grade un-stabilized chlorine product that features 65% available calcium hypochlorite in a hard-pressed 3″ tablet form. Designed to dissolve slowly, this Calcium Hypochlorite tablet provides a steady source of available un-stabilized chlorine in swimming pools in order to prevent the growth of algae, kill harmfull bacteria, and destroy organic contaminants.

The Poolife line of non-stabilized chlorinators help you ensure that your pool's beauty is easily maintained. These products are calcium hypochlorite based and designed to effectively guard against bacteria, algae, and other contaminants and are available in tablet and granular forms. Each product provides steady chlorination and will not cause overstabilization - even with prolonged use

WARNING: Calcium Hypochlorite is an un-stabilized chlorine product that must be used in chlorine feeders designed for un-stabilized chlorine. Use of this product in any chlorine feeder that is not designed for un-stabilized chlorine could result in a chemical fire and (or) explosion potentially causing bodily injury or death. 

This product comes on a standard pallet via LTL Freight (Haz-mat). 

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