Acid Blue | Buffered, Low-Fume - Case (4 Gallons)

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ACID BLUE - The Next Generation of Muriatic Acid

Acid Blue is a buffered, low-fume replacement for standard muriatic acid. Acid Blue uses a full-strength, proprietary formula that is easier to use, ship and store.

Acid Blue uses Vapor Reduction Technology to reduce harmful and annoying fumes. Acid Blue does NOT permeate through plastic bottles and is the latest in pool chemical advancement. This product is a leading choice for swimming pools, masonry, and many other uses!

Available in 4X1 Gal. Cases, 15 Gallon Carboys, & 55 Gallon Drums! 

  • Controls the pH level of water in swimming pools & hot tubs
  • Brightens concrete & masonry suraces
  • Etches concrete
  • Removes stains from driveways & floors
  • Vapor Reduction Technology reduces up to 90% of harmful vapors compared to standard muriatic acid
  • Made in the USA!

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